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 Audio Production Professional with experience in music production, immersive audio, live sound reinforcement, and Radio/ Podcast production​.
Adjunct Professor, UVU Digital Audio


 Services Include

Album/ EP/ Single Production
                     This can include a range of duties such as creating musical arrangements, acquiring musicians,                            and booking studio time. I will tailor my roll to your needs!
Mixing Services
                       These days, you can get a good recording just about anywhere but getting a professional mix                                    takes experienced ears in a dedicated space. Lets take your project to the next level with detailed                          mixing services.
Mastering Services
                       Mastering can feel like an illusive, confusing, dark art. Allow me to give your project the                                              professional polish it deserves.
Corporate Music Production
                       Add to your brand with custom music. Select from the library or contact me to commission                                       something perfect for your brand.
Studio Design
 Building a studio can be overwhelming. Let me help you put an ending to the endless                                                troubleshooting!


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